Small Town Charm.....Loads of Recreational Options.....Natural Beauty and Friendly People! 



Mountain Grove, in Wright County, is one of the friendliest and prettiest towns in the Ozarks. It's a community whose citizens work hard, play hard and happily lend a helping hand to neighbors and area visitors alike. It is served by State Highway 95 and US Highway 60 , making it convenient to St. Louis and Springfield.  Mountain Grove is approximately an hour drive east of Springfield, Missouri's third largest city.  Branson, MO is approximately 1.5 hours, and St. Louis is approx. 3 hours.


In 1841 a settlement was built on land east of Mountain Grove near a spring in a grove of hickory timber. A post office was established in Hickory Spring in 1853. In 1859, a general store was built at the crossroads about a mile west of Hickory Spring.

This became known as the "mountain store, mountain grove or the mountain" because the elevation is 1,525 feet. One of the most famous incidents in Mountain Grove occurred in the middle of May 1883 when what was called a "nipping frost" caused every tree, sapling and shrub in the community of Fyan and the Fyan depot to be cut clean as from an axe. Thus, the joining of Mountain Grove and adjoining Fyan was a fact. In June, the name of the depot was changed to Mountain Grove. The town reapplied for a charter in 1886, changed its boundaries and held its first election.


In the Ozarks, you can witness the definite changing of the seasons, as blooms of all types burst forth in the spring, and the winter months transform the landscape into a winter wonderland.

The average seasonal temperature in the fall is 57 degrees and 34 degrees in winter. The spring average is 55 degrees with an average of 76 degrees in summer. The average yearly rainfall is 44 inches with an average snowfall of 17 inches.


Among area attractions is the Old Mill Tour, a historic look at some of the nation's finest surviving pioneer water mills. The Mountain Grove square is highlighted by a historic bandstand that was originally dedicated by Vice President Thomas Marshall in 1915. Through a restoration project, the bandstand and surrounding park were restored and rededicated on April 27, 1987, by then Vice President George Bush. Indoor enthusiasts will enjoy nearby Branson with its many nationally recognized live music shows and other attractions.

The Mountain Grove R-III School System boasts an AAA classification, the highest awarded. The Ozark Mountain Technical Center, Mountain Grove Christian Academy and Missouri State University Research Campus are also nearby.

Area medical care is provided by a 60+ bed hospital in neighboring Houston with complete emergency, therapeutic, surgical and obstetrical care.  Springfield hospitals, Mercy and Cox are an hour drive with ambulance service from Mountain Grove.

Living in Southern Missouri

Southern Missouri has one of the lowest property tax rates and cost of living in the country.  We have four distinct seasons, but none are extreme, and beautiful rolling hills.  People are generally surprised at the value of property they can buy in our area and the low property taxes.  Our land cost, per animal unit, is also one of the lowerest in the country.  We have plenty of wanter, that you own on your land.  Missouri is proud of their sand on private property rights.  Water, water and more water!  Southern Missouri has ample rainfall and clear running creeks and rivers.  


The Southern Missouri Area is centered around it's natural beauty and enjoying the outdoors.  Six different recreational lakes are within a 2-hour drive. Three major state parks are also in the region Echo Bluff State Park, Montauk, and ______. Nearby North Fork, Bryant, Eleven Point, Current, Gasconade, Piney and Jacks Fork rivers are nearby for floating and fishing.  Enjoy trout fishing at Rockbridge and on the Niangua Rivers.  Area ski and fishing lakes are Bull Shoals Lake, Tablerock Lake, the Lake of the Ozarks and offer numerous recreational activities and accommodations. The Mark Twain National Forest borders the area. The Ozark National Scenic Riverway, Alley Springs Mill, Round Spring Cave and Jam-Up Cave also have much to offer.  

Do you enjoy horses?  Our area is home to the National Foxtrotters Assn.  Trail Riding, roping, and area rodeos are enjoyed by many.

There are many fall fesivals and events held in our region.  One of our local events is Junkfest, held in the spring and fall by EMaries.  This event is widely attended and has a wide variety of vendors.  Bakersville, is part of Baker Seed Company and hosts a festival the first Sunday of every month in the summer.  The fall is filled with events in Mountain Grove and many surrounding communities.  Summers are filled with area fairs and outdoor recreation.  

Mountain Grove has a theather with 4 screens and bowling alley at Fun City.  If you enjoy the arts, there are galleries and crafter's events held in this area on a regular basis.  Music festivals are also popular.  If you enjoy painting, quilting, gardening, fishing, photography, long walks, or reading by a waterfall, Southern Missouri has something for just about everyone.

Small Town Charm,

Southern Missouri has numerous small towns that offer benefits of a larger cities, while still maintaining a small town charm. It's a friendly area where the people are helpful and courteous, and warm hospitality is a tradition. Come and find out for yourself. My office is located in Mountain Grove, but we service 6 surrounding counties with many charming towns to visit!